Elvis Costello reveals cancer diagnosis, cancels tour dates


“It was difficult to judge how this warning would agree with the requests on a voyaging performer, playing hour and a half to 2-hour in addition to exhibitions on a daily premise however when we achieved the Edinburgh Playhouse, I was nearly tricked into suspecting that ordinary administration had been continued,” he composed.

“The soul has been more than willing however I need to now acknowledge that it will take longer than I would have longed for me to recoup my full quality,” Costello composed. “Subsequently, I should reluctantly drop all the rest of the commitment of this visit.”

The dropped gigs incorporate stops in Britain, Croatia, Austria, Norway and Sweden.

While Costello did not uncover a specifics in regards to his determination, he did close with a demand for his male fans, encouraging them to converse with their companions.

“You’ll see you are not the only one – look for your specialist’s recommendation on the off chance that you are in question or when it is convenient and go about as quickly as you may in these issues. It might spare your life,” he composed.

“Trust me, it is superior to playing roulette,” Costello included.

Costello’s announcement is accessible to peruse in full on his site.

The craftsman is as yet planned for a full U.S. visit not long from now.

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