Louis Tomlinson’s Father Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer


Just a year and a half on from his mother Johannah Deakin’s death from leukaemia, Louis Tomlinson’s biological father has also been diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking to The Sun, Louis’ father Troy Austin explained that he had underwent a 4 hour surgical procedure to remove a tumor and is now in recovery. He explained that he years of drinking and smoking had caused the diagnosis:
“I believe my tumour was down to drinking and smoking.
“I can’t blame it on anything else”

8 years ago today. The skinny tie and shirt combo was a must back then 😝

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Troy has been estranged from his son for 5 years and believes now is as good a time as any to reconnect.

“My life is changing now. If he ever wanted to make contact then I would be happy for that to happen,” he said.
Louis was a guest at the NHS Heroes Awards 2018 on Monday night as news came out on his father’s condition.
Recently Louis posted a throwback snap to happier times. It is just over 8 years since he first auditioned for The X Factor

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