Diandra Soares offers a clarification on her open dig at Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

As of late, model Diandra Soares shared a post on her Facebook page, with a photo of on-screen character Katrina Kaif and encouraging ladies to age nimbly and not choose plastic surgery. Be that as it may, the post went poorly that well the same number of hammered her for attacking Katrina.

Conversing with a main every day, Diandra cleared up her post saying, “I did not write ‘Dear Katrina’, I wrote ‘Dear women’ because I am addressing a much larger cause. Also, I don’t have to be sly about it. Even the most reputed Bollywood actors have spoken about the amount of plastic in this business.”

After all the buzz, her post was no place to be seen on her Facebook divider and in answer to in the event that she has erased the post, she doesn’t state anything, “Nothing is deleted and I haven’t taken down anything. My friends can [still] see it; all other unimportant people cannot. Random people were saying obnoxious things on all my posts. It’s annoying because I’ve got intelligent and senior people from all walks of life getting notifications on such nonsense. I can just click a button and the post will become public again but I don’t want to subject my friends to utter rubbish.”
She had as of now specified in her post that it wasn’t a “hate post for Katrina”, Diandra says it’s unfortunate that everyone misunderstood her Facebook post.

She dispelled any confusion air by saying, “I repeat, it wasn’t about Katrina only. It was a very general post on the subject matter. It just so happens that on that day I saw her in that press conference looking warped…. such a naturally beautiful girl. Sadly, nobody has the intelligence to understand the message. There wasn’t any negativity or nasty stuff in that and I definitely wasn’t advising her. It could have been anyone else’s picture or name there.”

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