Eddie Redmayne admits to ‘a pretty bad performance’ in one of his biggest movies


Eddie Redmayne has conceded a few laments over how he performed in one of his most prominent motion pictures.

The bonkers science fiction Jupiter Ascending, made in 2015 by Matrix chiefs the Wachowskis, discovered him playing space miscreant Balem Abrasax.

It was noted for its whispery vocal conveyance, similar to a galactic James Mason, and came in for not a little scorn at the time.

Presently in a meeting with GQ, the Fantastic Beasts star has acknowledged that his conveyance may really have been level out unusual.

“My character had his larynx tore out by this wolf man, thus I settled on the somewhat striking decision – which I thought was correct – of talking like this for the entire film,” he says in the meeting, restoring his hoarse execution.


“By and large… it might have been excessively.

“I won a prize for it for the most noticeably awful execution of the year (the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor). In this way, better believe it, it was an entirely terrible execution apparently.”

He goes on: “We have this spread in England for toast which is called Marmite. The promotion motto is that you either like it or you despise it, and I’ve generally felt that I was somewhat of a Marmite performing artist. Individuals appear to either appreciate what I do or abhor what I do.

“What’s more, those individuals that detest what I do, Jupiter Ascending will in general be their most loved execution.”

Some idea at the time that he could even have scuppered his odds at Oscar brilliance for his other film that year, The Theory of Everything, in which he played Professor Stephen Hawking.

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