David Hasselhoff and Tony Hawk pay tribute to SpongeBob creator


Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff, who played a lifeguard in 2004’s SpongeBob SquarePants motion picture, said it was a “stunning misfortune”.

“Wow what a novel and awesome character Steve made!” he tweeted.

Proficient skater Tony Hawk additionally paid tribute on Twitter, expressing gratitude toward Hillenburg “for the common giggles” he’d had with his youngsters as the years progressed.

Lori Alan, who voiced the character Pearl Krabs, called Hillenburg a “strangely skilled, unassuming, generous and colossal hearted man” in a tribute on Instagram.

“You cleared out this world – the whole world – more joyful, kinder and brimming with euphoria,” she included.

Brad Bird, executive of the Incredibles films, said he originally had found SpongeBob however his children when they were uproariously chiming in to its subject tune.

“I came down to perceive what the hubbub was about and wound up viewing my first scene. Numerous snickers.” he composed.

Butch Hartman, maker of enlivened arrangement The Fairly OddParents, called Hillenburg a “colossally gifted maker” who might be “distressfully missed”.

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