“I Love This Guy”: Rapper Kanye West Hugs Donald Trump



Does rap megastar Kanye West help Donald Trump? He adores him – and demonstrated it Thursday by all of a sudden striding from his seat at a strange White House meeting to embrace the president.

“I cherish this person ideal here,” the sequential Grammy-winning craftsman proclaimed in the Oval Office, before taking the president in his arms.

The rapper had been welcome to lunch to talk about jail change however turned what might usually have been a staid White House photograph operation into potentially one of the more abnormal – and foulness loaded – experiences in the Oval Office’s storied history.

Talking noisily and quickly on everything from Trump’s protectionist exchange polices to supplanting Air Force One with a hydrogen plane, dark firearm wrongdoing, being hitched to Kim Kardashian and “boundless measures of universe,” West left the typically talkative president almost astounded.

“That was very something,” Trump at long last said to giggling from bewildered senior associates and writers toward the finish of the monologue, which West punctuated with hits of his clench hand against the unbelievable Resolute work area, utilized by presidents since the 1880s.

“It was from the spirit. I just diverted it,” the performer stated, including – to additionally wheezes – that Trump “probably won’t have anticipated that would have an insane mother lover like Kanye West supporting him.”

Trump said West “could possibly be” future presidential material, to which the rapper said he would not have any desire to impede the Republican’s 2020 re-appointment.

“Simply after him in 2024,” West said.

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