Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Try & Fail To Row A Boat & Fans Can Totally Sympathize



Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21, faced a new hurdle in their married life: rowing a boat. Hey, it’s no easy feat, if you’ve ever been on a family camping trip! The couple hopped into a boat in a London pond on Nov. 8, but instead of taking off for a romantic cruise around the water, a straight-faced Hailey watched as Justin floundered with the oars. Gosh, Biebs! As you can watch in the video below, the couple never left the bank of the pond — and fans couldn’t help but offer their analysis of the situation.

“I bet Justin wanted to be all chivalrous and row the boat on his own for Hailey but they aren’t moving afjsjsks 😭,” one of the more kind tweeters wrote. Another fan pointed out the similarities between Justin and Hailey’s predicament and an iconic moment in Bridget Jones’s Diary. “Justin and Hailey on that boat reminded me of Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver,” the user tweeted. Who could forget when Hugh Grant’s character took a boozy tumble into the water! And a third fan couldn’t help but make a metaphor out of the video, tweeting, “The two girls boat is how my life should be going but in reality it’s going nowhere like Justin and Hailey’s.” Yes, there were a couple of rowers nearby who made Justin look like a rowing rookie. It was quite a different sight from the last time we saw these lovebirds in England!


Just four days after their court house wedding on Sept. 13, the “No Brainer” singer and model were spotted sharing a passionate kiss in St. James’s Park. They made us blush again as JB serenaded his new bride with an acoustic guitar in front of London’s Buckingham Palace on Sept. 18! Flash forward almost two months, and Hailey attended a work dinner for BareMinerals at “IT” spot Soho Farmhouse, following her unsuccessful afternoon of rowing. Hey, at least she made it somewhere!

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