New-York Historical Society Announces Harry Potter Events


Did your Hogwarts letter become mixed up via the post office? Assuming this is the case, this fall, the New-York Historical Society will offer muggles an opportunity to submerge themselves in the wizarding universe of Harry Potter.

The historical center, which is displaying the show “Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” is putting forth a progression of workshops, book clubs, meetups, talks, classes and different occasions to go with the presentation. These occasions are a piece of a yearlong festival of the twentieth commemoration of the distribution in the United States of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Jim Dale, whose vital voice can be heard on each of the seven Harry Potter book recordings, will give a discussion on Jan. 9 about his experience creating voices for the in excess of 200 characters in the books. Also, the craftsmen Mary GrandPré and Brian Selznick will examine their ways to deal with delineating the books. Different talks will look at the arrangement’s impact on pop culture, the procedure for deciphering the books from British English into American English and the historical backdrop of kids’ writing.

An occasion called “Growing Up With Harry Potter,” on Jan. 7, will surrender fans who developed with the books an opportunity to discuss their own understanding and association with the universe of Harry Potter, while at the same time Halloween exercises will occur on Oct. 30, with otherworldly creating.

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